Andrzej Bojarski joins the FamilyArbitrator team

July 3, 2014 Posted by:

Andrzej Bojarski has joined FamilyArbitrator. Andrzej is a family arbitrator, mediator and barrister at 36 Bedford Row, where he heads the family law team. Andrzej has already done much to promote family arbitration through writing, blogging and lecturing, often in association with Sir Peter Singer and Rhys Taylor. He now formally joins the FamilyArbitrator team.

‘I am delighted and excited to become a contributing member of FamilyArbitrator’ said Andrzej. ‘It is, in my view, the most complete and accessible resource for information about the IFLA Family Arbitration Scheme available on the web. I regularly refer everyone to when (as increasingly they do) they ask about family arbitration. It is also my own personal point of reference when I act as an arbitrator.

I look forward to working with Peter, Gavin and Rhys and helping to add to those resources. Together with the input which comes from the wide-ranging discussions to which so many contribute in the FamilyArbitrator forum on LinkedIn, our website will provide the corpus of knowledge and experience as family arbitration continues to develop as a key non-court dispute resolution technique. I hope that we can also continue to continue to inform and spread word to the professions and the public about the benefits of family arbitration, including via the digital social media.’

Peter Singer said ‘Andrzej is most welcome and Gavin, Rhys and I are delighted he has accepted our invitation to join the FamilyArbitrator team. He has underscored one of our key goals: free access to resources that spotlight the potential of arbitration as a valuable dispute resolution technique for all manner of post-separation financial disputes. Andrzej brings to FamilyArbitrator’s game not only the training and practice he has already had in exercising arbitration, but also goal-winning skills to help FamilyArbitrator score and reach a wider audience by playing and integrating those social media of which he is so adept an exponent.’