Welcome to FamilyArbitrator

FamilyArbitrator aims to promote informed understanding of family arbitration principles and to encourage the spread of arbitration as a form of private dispute resolution in financial and child related family cases.

FamilyArbitrator was established by Sir Peter Singer, Gavin Smith and Rhys Taylor, and we have since been joined by Andrzej Bojarski, James Pirrie, Felicity Shedden, Janet BazleyBarbara Corbett and Karin Walker. We are all experienced family law specialists, qualified arbitrators and Members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, available to help resolve financial disputes of all types, and some private law child related, by making awards under the IFLA family law arbitration Scheme.

As parties to a family arbitration you can:

  • Choose your own arbitrator
  • Select which issues you agree to arbitrate
  • Conduct the dispute at your own speed
  • Retain your existing legal advisors
  • Keep in control of the process
  • Be assured of total confidentiality


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