The International Family Law Arbitration Scheme

September 20, 2017 Posted by:

As richly demonstrated by a number of recent well-publicised cases, ‘forum’ disputes, where an estranged couple are unable to agree which country’s courts should hear their case, can consume time and costs on a gargantuan scale. An innovative international arbitration scheme has been devised by London solicitor David Hodson and Australian law professor Patrick Parkinson for parties who would prefer to limit their expenditure of both resources by agreeing to be bound by the determination of a neutral arbitrator, reached in an entirely confidential process.

Under the International Family Law Arbitration Scheme (IFLAS), a panel arbitrator from a neutral country will determine which is the country with which the parties have the closest connection and therefore in the courts of which jurisdiction their case should be resolved.

For more details about IFLAS go to Sir Peter Singer, one of FamilyArbitrator’s founders, is a member of the IFLAS panel.